Building stronger

Families are the backbone of our community. That’s why strong, happy families are essential for a thriving and growing McCracken County.

Our mission is to provide supplemental services and fun, engaging workshops and classes that provide a platform for personal growth, nurtured families and overall healthy living.

Denise Wooley

"I love and enjoy my job because it’s something different every day. I love going out into the community and teaching the different classes, teaching people and seeing them learn something from it."

Denise Wooley, County Agent for Family and Consumer Sciences

Our programming focuses on:

  • Making beneficial lifestyle choices
  • Nurturing your family
  • Embracing life as you age
  • Securing financial stability
  • Promoting healthy homes & communities
  • Accessing nutritious food
  • Empowering community leaders

Get Involved. Make a Difference.