Every person has a place and a purpose in their community. Find yours – we’ll plug you in!


What Would You Want to Learn?

Here at the McCracken Extension we focus on encouraging community members to branch out, to learn new things, hone new crafts, discover new talents and explore new skills. We want to know - if you had the time and the freedom to learn something new, what would you want to learn? At the Extension, learn what YOU want and do it like only YOU can - visit our events page to see what workshops you can jump in to! #dolikeyou

Posted by McCracken County Cooperative Extension on Friday, June 9, 2017

We’re the McCracken County Cooperative Extension. We know that’s a mouthful, but just think of us as your community’s hub for relevant information, lifelong education and sustained connection.

A bit about us – we’re an outlet for the Kentucky Cooperative Service, which is the University of Kentucky’s College of Agriculture’s external information network.

That may sound confusing, but really we’re just here to serve you, to supplement and amplify our community through education and connection with the help of UK’s support and resources.

Our job (which we love!) is to listen to and understand McCracken’s needs then work with UK to develop services, opportunities and appropriate funding for programming that meets them!

Here's How it Works:

From knitting and crocheting to gardening, meal planning, beekeeping and even robotics, we’ve got plenty of programs to engage any interest. The list goes on and on, but one thing is always constant – our mission to help you find your place in our community and build you up in your purpose.

Have any comments, questions or suggestions about our programming opportunities? Let us know on the form to the right, we’re all ears!